What Soliwerkstatt? (english)

We are living in a system of exploitation, every day control and oppression. One part of these issues is a logic of crime and punishment, which puts people without submission and who are not integrable into bald and cold cells of the prisons.
Into cells which are just a distorted mirror of social conditions.
Into cells which remove you from a live in total freedom more than all the obligations, laws and norms outside of the walls in any case do.
Into cells, which can not let neither communication nor feellings.

We want to try to break the isolation of the prisons by giving locked up people faces and voices and by sending them solidarity. Because there are also rebellious people behind the bars, who want more from live, who we are sharing ideas with and who are oppose against conditions, like we do.

A way to built up communicaton and break isolation is to send letters to prisoners. But often it is hard to start with writing letters and there comes often the question how to do it? That is why we open the Schwarzmarkt every first thursday in month to come together in an relaxed atmosphere and write or paint something for locked up people around the world.
On these afternoons we also want to create a space to exchange experiences and give mutual support for planing projects.
So come along, put up your pen and go!
Against every prison and state! Freedom for everybody!

See us every first Thursday at:
Infoshop Schwarzmarkt
c/o Soliwerkstatt
Kleiner Schäferkamp 46
20357 Hamburg, Germany

or send a mail to soliwerkstatt@riseup.net